Youth and Adolescent Services

Stepping Stone Community Services offers teen adolescent therapy. Group therapy is also an excellent way to explore one's challenges while getting support from others in similar situations. A licensed therapist leads the group to ensure each participant feels comfortable, accepted and able to use the group to meet his or her needs.

Positive Peer Interaction Group for teens 13 to 17 years old

This group is for teens who experience difficulties with peers and effective social communication. Teens will gain awareness of how their thoughts and anxieties limit their engagement in social situations, while also learning strategies to interact more effectively with peers. The focus is divided between building healthy relationships and learning how to manage conflict. Participants also learn how to apply these skills in the community by practicing in several sessions out in public.

Common Challenges:

“Throughout my whole life I have struggled with feelings of not being good enough and trouble trusting others. My therapist helped me to see that these issues stem from my past abuse. Once I dealt with that, my confidence increased and my relationships improved."  — Brittney